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    anyone know of any talented modders/ level designers with Unreal, Radiant or Doom3 experience?

    Even if they don’t have the experience or meet all of the requirements listed on http://www.torcinteractive.com/jobs/jobs_level_designer.htm we’d be interested in hearing from them

    Please contact sean ‘at’ torcinteractive.com

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    Sorry, I have no talent or talents.

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    Duly noted.

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    I have many talents, but I’ve promised my friends I’d never do them in public ever again..

    I have experience with the Unreal engine, but my maps were never of a high standard. If you guys are looking for a tea boy then I’d be fully qualified.

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    If you guys are looking for a tea boy then I’d be fully qualified.[/quote:834d2659e6]I make the tea around here… what did you think producers do anyway?!

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    Am I allowed to comment??

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    Produce tea excellent, that include coffee and biscuits? :)

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    yes, but who makes your tea??

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    Tony drinks on the darkside, coffee, so I’ll probably be making that :)

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    on a serious note though. is there many modders out there or any people feckin about with qeradiant etc?

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    Ask me the same question in a few weeks… :D

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    heheh.. Looks like everyone is gunning for a job with Torc..

    Good to see and hear.

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    Heh, now put a full stop after job and you’re there.. :D

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    haha.. fair enough. although there does seem to be alot of i.t. jobs around, presumably its games though you want.

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    Indeed, well placement to be precise. It’s going to be from April – September but I want to get a headstart and start my enquires soon. I’ll be using this 3rd Year Project of ours to add to my CV also. :D

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    ah right, forgot you werent finished yet. well definately worth planning ahead, coz it takes a long time to break the industry. Definately not like other jobs, chuck in cv, interview, job. With the games you have to prove yourself before you can even reach the last 2. At least some im told ;)

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    My main role in SilverTongue (Dare to be Digital team) is Level/Environment design and texture artist. You will be able to see some of my work once I have the level completed / textured ect….Dont know what I want to do after Dare (Incubation course at NWIFE probably) but I want to keep my options open. I have experience with GTKRadient, Hammer but mostly create my levels in Max (as the engine we use, uses Max for the models / levels ect…)

    Ill post the level once its completed so you can have a wee nosey.

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    Incidentally I make damn good coffee 8)[/quote:765635293e]

    Definately worth putting on the c.v. ;)

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    Right, I am a free agent in a few months (will be 2 years on this game!)

    I am off to see Nine Inch Nails tomorrow, then I’m off to see Damian down in derby…but then….I’ll get Doom3 from a m8 and have a whirl (I could have a bash on the train down…me laptop is more powerful than god). I’ve played with Radiant before and if I remember correctly I prefer it to UTed.

    Is most of the work Editor based or can you the level design team blockout stuff in a 3D app?

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    double post. ghey.

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    Is there a method of designing a level in your native 3D App (Maya, Max, etc.) and then just export it to radiant to drop in the entities?

    I use to make multiplayer maps for CS and DoD using WorldCraft/Radiant, found it very limiting.

    A friend of mine was studying at Magee, 2003-2004, his thesis on A.I. within Games. Pushed Wolfenstein to its limits. I’ll tell him to drop Torc an email.


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    Check out Game Level Builder for Max, sounds like just what you’re looking for, and v2.2 is free


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    Check out Game Level Builder for Max, sounds like just what you’re looking for, and v2.2 is free


    Have any of you guys messed around this this? How does it compare to Radiant etc?

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    Its basically a quick way of extruding floorplans and capping them with floors and ceilings. Theres also a pipe editor and a first person camera. Its nothing really that Max can’t do natively but it just makes it faster and a little more accessible from the same panel, except it adds in .map file export. I haven’t evaluated v3 but some of the features look interesting, like the terrain tool etc.

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    I’ve used an earlier version of it before, if I remember rightly its fine until you come to setting up entities, in which case it becomes a nightmare.

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