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    “the decision was taken to downsize the company from 3 [development teams] to just the 2, which means the loss of approx 100 people.”[/quote:175891c68a]

    That is alot of people. Vissci were that size…


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    poor lads, wonder if its anything to do with ‘The Movies’ horrible sales rate.

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    Yeah I suppose so – B&W2 and The Movies didnt sell as well as expected.

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    Yeah, I blame F.E.A.R for that. And the general lack of development in the gameplay.

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    Hi All,
    It’s been forever since I’ve chipped in on the forums but I felt I had to clarify this point.

    We’re not laying off 100 people. We have 100 people in ‘consultation’ from which we are forming a team to develop new I.P. as well as strengthening our central technology team. We will have redundancies but not to the degree reported here and elsewhere. The qoute of “100 people” wasn’t from any official source and is well off the mark.

    All the best,

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    Thanks for clearing that up Paul. Glad to see things arent as bad as the rumour mill would have us believe.

    BTW….what has F.E.A.R. got to do with B&W2 and the Movies??

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    Ok not 100, but 50 is still alot. Good luck with the process anyway, I’m sure most folk will land on their feet.

    “It’s become obvious that handling three projects at the same time was too much of a strain, and so the company has decided it would be better to focus on two projects. Unfortunately, this means there have been about 50 redundancies.”[/quote:3b9427bba6]


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    BTW….what has F.E.A.R. got to do with B&W2 and the Movies??[/quote:d6149f5270]

    Yeah, I was wondering about that too…

    I’d have been interested in getting B&W2, but crappy pc counted me out. The Movies whilest getting lots of hype at the start, seemed to lack good marketing when it hit release. I heard very little about it unfortunatelly.

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    I thought he meant that F.E.A.R. was a hit, so most PC gamers bought and played it to the detriment of all other releases…

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    Hrm, while this may be true I would have thought the games would have appealed to two completly different catagories of gamers and hence would have done equally well or at least neither having that much of an effect on the others sales?

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    Microsoft closes in on Lionhead deal…


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    haha F.E.A.R ?????? ol peter molyneux made quite a nice bit of cash in the process!!! 10million i think he got from B&W :o

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