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      Hello again

      My name is Barry Gallagher. I am part of a volunteer team of game developers that are trying to create a 3d ski game with a stylish slant.
      The main aim is to enter this game into next years IGF aswell as having a polished demo by the end. We need someone to start creating our menu’s for us. While we have basic requirements as to needing certain buttons and that it makes sense with the game we are not really concerned with the medium used and are open to something a bit different. The only real technical requirement is having the buttons seperate to the background, in seperate photoshop files or seperate pages or seperate 3d files .. you get the idea. This might be a way to gain a lil’ experience in games that shouldn’t be that taxing.

      This job could suit a lot of people. Photoshop fiends, website designers or anybody who can paint, draw etc.

      All queries to mrludorama@gmail.com

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