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    Lads and lassies,

    I was thinking about picking up a PC game tonight to play over the weekend.

    Is there anything really GOOD these days? My last purchases having been Doom 3, Half Life 2 and Flat Out, it’s difficult to know where to turn.

    Traditionally, I’ve been a FPS gamer, but might migrate if someone could suggest something really convincing….

    What about Full Spectrum Warrior (although not strictly a FPS) – how did that translate to the PC?

    Men of Valour?

    Any other good war-games? Ideas?



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    go old school with Deus Ex, half life, and thief 2 or system shock 2

    No One Lives Forever is good too

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    Maybe I’ll pull out my copy off Kick-Off 2 while I’m there.

    “New is the new Old”

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    actually get if yoiu like halo get Marathon series, bungie has made it public domain now

    edit: cool a mod for marathon mod to make it look like halo


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    Has it really come to this?

    Old-school titles, mods and public domain games?

    Where’s the latest shiny new thing?

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    if you want new a shiny get call of duty

    but u should not over look cool old games, old classic are still a hell of a lot better than some of the top 10 sellers we have now… marthon is a pure classic

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    I agree DarkSaviour, but surely most self-respecting game afficionados (i.e. pretentious snobs like me) have covered most of this ground the first time around (although I confess to not having played Marathon)…

    And, more to the point, how can anything old be ‘good’ if it doesn’t have real-time particle generation, normal mapping, dynamic lighting and rag-doll physics? Eh?

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    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, just got it last week for xbox, its quite fun.

    and i take it that you second paragraph it a joke… right? (but i have to say rag-doll physics is fun)

    edit here you go

    best FPS

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    Not an FPS and don’t even know if it’s out yet, but GTR pushes all my buttons at the moment. If it’s not out yet, get the demo (what I’m using), there’s enough to tnker with for a fair few hours.

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    If you haven’t played farCry Boadle then you should definatly get that, otherwise:

    Call of Duty-
    Deus Ex-

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    Well, I downloaded playable SP demos of GTR, Men of Valor Galactic Commandos (mod for BF 1942), and Full Spectrum Warrior.

    Long live Broadband!


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    I just got Rome: Total War at the weekend. Only played it for about 2 hours so far and really loving it.
    There are a lot of improvements on the first two, which were amazing games themselves.
    The best improvement I’ve found so far is the fact that you can move your armies more tactically around the strategic map, that way you can attack armies from better directions, ambush them etc.

    Also the battles themselves are massive and they are much more cinematic and dynamic.

    Classic stuff!

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