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      Just thought I would post here regarding my project. I really want to start getting down to fulltime programming on it. If anyone would be interested in helping me manage the project please feel free to contact me.

      Requirements are:

      Familiar with Webdesign (Php, SQL, HTML, Css)
      Familiar with web based systems (Mambo,Phpbb, CpanelX, phpAdmin etc.)

      Familliar with Max and Capable of converting files if needed)
      Familliar with Google (Sorry just had to put this one in)

      Most importantly

      Good Leader
      Good Level of english, and is polite when posting on forums and have good communication skills. Preferably skilled with writing news or press releases.
      Capable of organising the information as needed.

      All the hard work is done, design docs, recruiting, pimping the usual run of things. I’ll still develop the website and pay for all the hosting etc to get things going I just need someone to help with the usual running of things. I shouldnt take more than 5 hours per week. More if you are really interested in it.


      Also I would like to point out as of yesterday the team voted to purchase a much more professional engine that will allow us to deliver a higer quality product. So I aim to purchase that engine within the next 3 months.

      Anyone interested or know of good places to post for this, would be much appreciated.

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      Familliar with Google (Sorry just had to put this one in)[/quote:4cbe2af552]

      Classic! :D
      Nice to see your really ramping production up on this, looking forward to seeing it progress.

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      Reality Engine

      I am not sure of the prices as they are different depending on the developer and very recently they have added in very good phyics support. The engine seems to be beat every other engine out of the water but thats only at first until a deeper viewing of its source.

      6.5 is still in beta but i think it will be out soon enough, huge improvements over 6.2, its an indie engine but is worth a closer look at 6.5.

      Its been used in a number of commerical games to date, it has the tools and low cost compared to other “commercial” engines. Test the engine 100% before buying i recommend but i thought i would post it here anyway.

      Orge v1 has been released recently last week that is a very good rendering engine that could be if successfully intergrated with the right games engine.
      Hope this helps and best of luck.

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      Just signed the NDA’s and faxed them off for the Reality Engine. Still discussing prices with them, but Im hoping we will get a very very competitive price. The engine is pretty damn good, I;ve been on the evaluation since the weekend and we already have 1/2 of our games level designs done.

      Very very good stuff. The workflow is by far the best I have seen, even better than the Farcry Sandbox, which I hold with such regard.

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      Just had a look at the website, great looking engine and some excellent features also.
      When you get your game up and running on it, it should look fantastic.

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      very cool :) i was hoping u were going towards the reality engine!

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      Should cut our dev time down to 6 – 18 months. Including full testing. I was just weighing up costs and development time last week.

      Novodex Licence : $10,000
      Cipher Engine : $117
      Torque NetCode : $995
      SpeedTree : $695 fee + $5,995

      Thats what I was considering, now its a matter of getting this engine, which has all the features or equivalent. Sure there is a much heftier price tag. But in the long run its a great option as I know longer need to integrate all the above software. Meaning I simply focus directly on the game.

      Still need some friggin managers to help me :eek:
      (So I can just focus on the programming)

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      focusing on one area is vital and since your going this route which is the best route to take as well for anyone out there that is interested in taking up these managing roles will have more fate in the project as it has a realistic grounding. one step closer for a project to actually reach the finishing line! :)

      I would like to help if i had an extra 5+ hours free which i dont have now or in the near future that i can see. Once you have your managers, i think the project will move in all areas very quickly with good direction.

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      engine looks sweet alright.

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