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    Well, well, I had no idea something like this existed! But I’m very happy that it does. I’ve always wanted to see an irish perspective on 3d, but a site devoted to game development is even better. So here’s a model I did a while back, I’m thinking of putting together a model pack for Turbosquid etc. Any thoughts?…..

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    nice! really like the texturing.

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    Very nice, really like the texture work. It’s nice to see Ireland has such a high standard with regards digital artists. My one thing would be to get off geocities, think about trying to get a cottage over in polycount. It’d allow you to show off your work better.


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    whooaaa – very nice – especially textures

    can u show the wire?? what’s the polycount??

    i thing – she gives an impression of being little bit stocky…- i mean… maybe thats because the trousers are ‘baggy-stylah’…

    but still – veeerryyyyy nice!!

    ps. next time pay more attention to html tags :D


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    Hot diggity thats a nice model :)

    (oh and welcome to the forum!)

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    Top notch work Crossblade! You’ve done a great job with capturing the material of her jacket and also the trousers. My two minor crits are that from the fron her hands look a bit elongated and the trouser dont seem to rest on her runners that well. However these are minors things that are easily fixed and shouldnt detracted from this brilliant work!
    I’m inspired, thank you! :)

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    quality work there. wouldnt mind seeing the wireframe too.

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    Excellent model you have there! Lovely texture mapping. Very Silent Hill-esque.

    Welcome to the forum and please post more of your work :)


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    Excellent work! I presume this is more than a hobby for you, had any luck with any of the Irish game dev studios? You should get in touch with Torc, Kapooki, etc.

    By the way guys, he has a wireframe up on his site. :wink:

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    Nice work there crossblade. I think I lived with that girl last year in college. No shit.. Honestly uncanny ressembelence. Gonna email her there with the link.

    Looking forward to seeing more work.

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    some nice work there, Crossblade. Really like the hair and jacket in particular. good job

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    Hi y’all, thanks to everyone for the comments. I’ve been looking through some of the forums here, and I had no idea that there were so many talent peeps based in Ireland. The standard is incredibly high, worlds away from my college days. My current site on geocities is temporary, and I’m looking into other options. And hey, I tried to fix the HTML tag, but the damn thing just wouldn’t work for me! DOH! I’m a big Silent Hill fan, the work those guys do is awesome, so to notice that influence in this model (Nice one Paul!) is a great compliment. The last time I heard about game dev in Ireland was Funcom a few years back, and when they shut down I thought okay, that’s it. The last commercial project I was involved in was Deciphers Star Wars CCG thing, which was cool, cause it’s STAR WARS! But I’d love to do something over here, even pixel art (I used to create games and demos using basic on everything from the ZX81 to the Commodore Amiga back in the day!) Anyway, I look forward to posting here again, cheers!

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    I’m now a fan.

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    Great work Crossblade, any chance of seeing a UV unwrap layout and the textures used??

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    Nice work Crossblade!

    > And hey, I tried to fix the HTML tag, but the damn thing just wouldn’t work for me! DOH!

    The first tag should be <IMG>, instead of </IMG>

    What 3D app do you use?


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