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    Yea I read that…

    Is it just me or is the UGC cinema on Parnell St. making an obscene amount of money? With the lower costs involved in getting the films now they’ll be making even bigger profits in the long run me thinks!

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    Wouldn’t have a clue how much money they are making!!
    Unless you have access to their books…… :p

    Generally though cinemas seem to be very expensive, 8 quid+ for a ticket, and the food is always a rip off…..
    Haven’t been to UGC in a while, but at least they have a bar there. So you won’t feel so ripped off about the price of things when your drunk…..

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    Thats great, it gives Paul Ward another reason to hike his prices

    (IMC, IFI, Savoy and others, basically he owns or has a share in nearly all cinemas in the country and holds most of the distributing rights within the country.)

    Cinemas make about 80% profit on all food sold (And that includes the employment of the minimum wage grunt to make it) Personally I think UGC is great, while all the others are a complete dredge on society. I would think the same of UGC if it wasnt for their Unlimited offer.

    8euro for a ticket to see a movie takes the piss, especially since most of what they show is tripe.

    Another interesting fact about cinemas, popcorn not sold is packaged up and sold on again the next day, it at times runs the risk of going 2 or even 3 days. Coke dispensers are not cleaned (the lines that is, apparently the coke cleans the lines itself), there are no ingredient listings on the nachos. And the hogs have never won any awards!!!!

    Oh i worked in a cinema for about 2 years. So I no the general crap that goes on in there.

    Personally I would prefer to stick with 35mm, and have ticket prices and prices in general lower, than give yet another excuse to for price hikes.

    For example the local cinema here in Athlone recently got renovated. About 8 months ago the prices on everything went up, apparently to pay for staff increases. Then about 5 months prior to the rennovation the prices went up again, to cover the rennovation. Now about a month ago the prices went up again, to pay for a staff increase.

    The staff have been on 7 euro since mimimum wage was increased. And there was no christmas bonus. Crap like that just wrecks my head. Pure bloody greed.

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    The cinema would make about 8k – 14k on a exceptional day, with daily takings usually being about 2k with weekends being about 4k.

    Now look at UGC, they have a constant in-flow of cash via the unlimited offer. Then the sales of tickets within the dublin area I would expect to reach about 8k daily, with about 20k on a really busy movie (Provided its not 3 hours+)

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    You’re from Athlone? Heh, me too! I havnt been to the IMC in ages, UGC has just spoiled me!

    And my general guidelines for the cinema:
    Only buy Popcorn at night, at least then you may get nice fresh stuff.
    Student prices = Best prices!
    Never buy the packets of sweets in there, pockets are a wonderful invention.
    Same goes for drinks however I just cant settle down to a good action film if I dont have a big drink and bucket of popcorn in front of me! :D

    What constitutes a big drink has changed alot recently it seems. To be competely honest I just cant handle the large size in UGC without nearly exploding by the end of the film! :p

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