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      Alright, so Gamasutra’s latest offering.


      Wii gamers are said to have shorter "must have" lists than do hardcore Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 fans. So what does it take to develop a Wii game that’s on everybody’s short list?

      Already, I’m disagreeing with this one. Anything with "mario" in the title is essential for the Wii, and Zelda, and Super Smash. Pretty much all the 1st party stuff in fact, is essential (in my opinion).

      "The Wii audience isn’t sophisticated enough to know whether the game they’re buying compares favorably to, say Gears of War or LittleBigPlanet, because they probably don’t own an Xbox 360 or a PS3," Pachter explains.

      What? I have a Wii. I would say that I can differentiate between all of the above. Perhaps, I am the exception. Already, this article seems to be shaping up to be a Wii-bashing article.

      It gets worse.

      "I mean, who sells more food — McDonald’s or Ruth’s Chris Steak House, which certainly serves better meat? Nintendo has become the fast food machine. Sony is very much the high-end restaurant. And Microsoft is somewhere in between."

      What? Nintendo = McDonalds. Sweet divine! What? I could not disagree more. Nintendo, in my opinion, are all about quality assurance, and produce great 1st party titles. Sony being the "high-end" and MS somewhere in between, I don’t really care to comment on that one.

      McDonalds! Surely not. More like Wagamama. A select, choice list of mainly Japanese inspired cuisine, with a unique way of serving customers, (sit side by side), and custom interaction model (chopsticks). Wow. I can’t believe how well that all works. That’s a great comparison (if I say so myself). I’m quite happy with that. anyway, back to the article.

      What next? guys from Midway saying Wii owners want mini-games. (Game Party and Game Party 2). I don’t own these. don’t plan on owning them either. Surely "mini-game" are available on the other platforms, via their download platforms.

      Yet more comments that lead to state that Wii gamers are all casual gamers. (again, I disagree).

      "If the concept is right, if the recognition factor is there, if you ‘get it’ from what’s on the box, sometimes the game doesn’t even have to be that good in order for it to sell," he admits. "When a housewife is in Wal-Mart and sees Jillian Michaels’ face on Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009 for Wii, nobody has to explain it to them."

      "They recognize her from TV’s Biggest Loser, they know they have a Wii Fit Balance Board at home, and they buy the game. Do they know whether it’s a good game or not? Doesn’t matter."

      "For example, I thought THQ’s de Blob was a really great Wii game but Ubisoft’s The Price Is Right outsold it 3-to-1. So did THQ’s Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader: Make The Grade. That’s sad. But it tells you who the audience is."

      Is it just me, or is this saying that Wii owners are all inept, 50-year olds, who love bob barker, and wheel of fortune?

      de Blob is awesome, give it some time, it will pick up momentum.

      Right. That’s about it for now. Maybe I’ll come back later and add some more to this rant.

      I own a Wii.
      I am not a casual gamer.
      I do not like, or really enjoy "mini-games."


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      Nintendo, in my opinion, are all about quality assurance, and produce great 1st party titles.

      You aren’t talking in the past tense. This confuses me.

      Nintendo were great, I loved them. Then they took all the money us geeks gave them over the years, and sold out, shafting us big time in the process. To say the wii is 1/10th the console the GC was is just blatently untrue.

      I can’t see how a non-casual gamer can honestly say the wii is a good console. I waited in line for mine at launch until 3 in the morning; and had got rid of it by the end of the next month.

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      Harsh. I’m not looking to incite a flame war here.

      I agree, the GameCube was awesome, N64, SNES, and NES all ruled as well.

      As for the Wii, I dig it.

      The other consoles are cool, but in my opinion Nintendo didn’t choose to enter the "arms-race" of uber-spec, but instead focused on the experience, interaction, and gameplay.

      I’m just one of those gamers who isn’t big into Bloom, HDRi, and all the rest. Give me gameplay. Bare, stripped down, transparent fun.

      Why? Well for me, I have never "picked up a bloom light" and hurled it at my opponent. I have never "drained the HDRi" from the skybox, and grown into HDRi-enabled Mario.

      All the window-dressing that the "other-two" consoles facilitate, has, in my opinion taking people’s eyes off the prize.

      Fun. Gameplay.

      I’m not against polish, just prefer the focus to be on the interaction and experience, and that, in my opinion is what the Nintendo Wii brings to the table. By limiting the horse-power, and taking a different approach in input, they are getting the industry to think different.

      And at the time, in my opinion, the "other two" consoles were starting the spec-race that ruined PC gaming (for me), which was more RAM, more Shaders, more cores, more horsepower, job done.

      I do have the other consoles, and I play them. Little Big Planet for me was awesome. Loved it.

      Maybe this is getting off topic, and perhaps needs its own thread.

      Or worse, maybe I’m digressing into the "Form vs. Function" argument.


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      lol I don’t think a flame war would be possible on here. Just my personal opinion. Gameplay is another thing I think the wii lacks big time. Twilight Princess is my least favourite Zelda to play strictly because of the silly tacked on wii controls…

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