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    I have started this thread to see what each member of the igda/game developers.ie have under thier belt, just out of interest to see where pl have come from etc etc.

    Me personally am looking to get into the industry, am learning what i can from tutorials and trying to get involved with the mod community. Hence how i ended up here on gdi (was searching for courses).

    I hope i don’t come across as a complaining B****** but i thought with the thought of some home grown companies the bees knees and then i see posts made by supposedly professionals in the industy make rude and unwarranted comments (and the tirade of friends of his (ie most of the ppl on these forums) backing him up, without any knowledge or dealings with the said company,make me wonder where gd.ie is going?)

    Is it a you be our friends and we will promote you globally but if we don’t like you we will try our best to destroy and any hope you have of making your company profitable and then laugh at you in the gutter (and joke about piracy in the mean time(in another thread)) i just want to know exactly what experience (professionally/academically) they are coming from to be a major influence in the games industry?

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    Really man you need to get more of a life. Most of the people who did make comments were professionals in the business. Look at their profiles and they usually tell what group there with. jez.. Be better off focusing on your programming\demo to get a job in the industry then leading some crusade against those who are in it.. but thats my 2 cents.

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    As has been mentioned, your behaviour on these boards is unacceptable. If you make one more post relating to any of the subjects you have been going on about, you will be banned permanently from these forums.

    *thread locked*


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