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      Hi all,

      trying to build VLD (http://dmoulding.googlepages.com/vld-1.0-README.html) from source, for use in VS2008 and am running into compiler and linker problems.

      After reading the release notes, I am assuming VS2008 has changed the debug help library headers and implementations, which is causing the problem.

      Its a great tool (as it is free) and its worked a treat in VS2003 and VS2005, so I’m hoping to get it going in VS2008.

      Any help appreciated.


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      Been doing some work on this.

      Figured that I could try and get some of the functionality of the Heap watcher using Crt functionality.



      I get the following:

      0 bytes in 0 Free Blocks.
      4 bytes in 1 Normal Blocks.
      0 bytes in 0 CRT Blocks.
      0 bytes in 0 Ignore Blocks.
      0 bytes in 0 Client Blocks.
      Largest number used: 0 bytes.
      Total allocations: 9 bytes.
      Dumping objects ->
      c:\main.cpp(35) : {148} normal block at 0x00353AF8, 4 bytes long.
      Data: < > CD CD CD CD
      Object dump complete.

      So this is where I am now. I get the file name, and line of code where the allocation (that was not deleted) occurred to the output console.

      Next, I’d like to dump the call stack at the point of each allocation, and possible detect COM leaks.

      Any input is welcomed.

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