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    i love that

    “key to making those movies work–and I totally think it’s why ‘War of the Worlds’ works so well–is to be so invested in the people and to maintain the subjectivity of the humans. “[/quote:abd31ac931]

    Did it work? Ah they lie..:)
    Also thought trey parker and matt stone had declared a bycott of michael bay movies after the ripping they gave him in Team America.

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    Not surprised really since 90% of Bays work as Producer turns out rubbish.

    Transformers would be fantastic, IF they did it right. But isnt it based on a cartoon, not “action figures”? Theres such a rich universe to exploit I don’t think it would be THAT hard to come up with a decent script and story!

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    Never underestimate Hollywood’s ability to fund unmitigated tripe. Highlander 2 anyone?


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    Highlander 2 was bad but Highlander 3 was worse….

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    …but not as bad as Highlander 4. Apparently they had to airbrush out the JVC product placement for the DVD release because people found it so irritating.

    ps Actually I didnt mind 3, it was more in tune with the original idea (and in fact it completely ignored the plot from 2 and just built on 1).

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    I couldn’t bring myself to watch 3 after the travesty that was 2… similar to RoboCop in that sense!

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    An interesting lesson in making sure your storyline leaves opportunity for sequels. At the end of 1 they had completely wrapped up the story, and really had to muck around for the newer films.

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    Don’t get me started on the Highlander films…the original is one of my favourites but the only way I can sit through the others is to imagine the first never happened. Plain and simple there is NO continuity between the films…
    HOWEVER to make matters even worse theres a new film coming out soon, well in 2007. Highlander – The Journey Continues, will be co-produced and star Adrian Paul and will be based around the series/End Game continuity, it will however feature Christopher Lambert (Yea!) but only in flashback form. Now even more back news…

    The Journey Continues for Highlander
    Source: Variety July 5, 2005

    Lions Gate Films has picked up North American distribution rights to Highlander – The Journey Continues, the fifth film in Davis Panzer’s lucrative “Highlander” franchise, reports Variety.

    Panzer is planning three new “Highlander” features over the next two years, starting with “The Journey Continues,” directed by Bret Leonard and starring Adrian Paul as the immortal Scottish swordsman. [/quote:95aae85fba]
    …dear. god. leave. it. alone.

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    jesus that adrian paul do is a two bit actor. highlander should be scrapped, end game was out in the cinema state side but was pushed straight to dvd over here, rightly so.. shocking..
    Speaking of lambert, fortress 2: re-entry was on last night on TV3, ah.. original was cool, but the 2nd was a load of tripe.
    As for highlander 2, interesting story but pointless to the series. I agree 1 didnt really have a sequel ending, but with highlander you dont need one. A new immortal comes out of the works and wham, ssdd.

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    I was just about able to swallow the motivation behind the third one – a mountain fell on top of the bad guy and he lay buried (and dead) for a few hundred years, only to be dug up nad start over again.

    What I really hated was the series ‘one head per episode’ mentality – the first film indicated that they were a really rare bunch altogether.

    Ach well.


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    You know a franchise is doomed once it goes past a third sequel.. or prequel were Mr. Lucas is involved.

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    Did you see the Directors Cut of the second one Peter? It went someway to explaining the whole idea of the Immortals however after that it still didn’t make sense.

    The only way one can make sense is to have different continums/story arcs within the Highlander universe with Conor MacLeod being in several different ones.

    Yea I really enjoyed Fortress (for what it was anyway) but the sequal was a pile of cack. The bit when the cockroach gets killed and the emotional music starts up was just ridiclous! Not to mention some other terrible preformances from other members of the case. Lambert was, however, his usual brilliant self in the role! :D

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    Soundwave!!!! Yipee!

    Paul Verhoeven should direct the film.

    I hope they use orson welles as the voice of Optimus…thye could cut audio samples from all his old films….

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    I can picture Optimus now transforming from truck to towering robot and shouting “ROSEBUD!”

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    Apparently the Suspects sequel will be subtitled “Searching For Keyser Soze”

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    Oh and I assume I’m the only one whos glad to see this…

    Yes, yes you are.

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    Did you see the Directors Cut of the second one Peter? It went someway to explaining the whole idea of the Immortals however after that it still didn’t make sense.

    ya twas fairly lame explanation though..

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    Ah thats for the convention, obviously the Transformers themselves will be done all in CGI…

    Also noticed some disturbing news on Dark Horizons…a Terminator film without Arnold and a sequal to The Usual Suspects, one of my fave films.

    i heard about this terminator movie a while back, apparently the rock was being considered. i guess if doom is a hit they might cast him into it.

    as for usual suspects, they should lt it die. there is now soze. it was the cripple and a bunch load of lies.. twas a good movie, sequel would do no justice.

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    Did you see the Directors Cut of the second one Peter? It went someway to explaining the whole idea of the Immortals however after that it still didn’t make sense.

    ya twas fairly lame explanation though..[/quote:9b8694736d]
    Indeed, the whole idea of them being aliens was ridiclous… :?

    The Terminator sequel, if they don’t have Arnold, should just leave the character out and concentrate on the two survivors, John Connor and whats-her-name. Outside that you’re looking at some half-baked sci-fci set so far into the future that no one cares whats going on bar a couple of action junkies…

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    If you guys are talking about bad sequels (well you were talking about transformers, but the thread took a side turn with the highlander-bashing)

    then the absolute WORST, and I mean WORST sequel has got to be:

    Predator 2.

    Anyone DARE to disagree?

    I mean DANNY GLOVER? REALLY? Arnie, and a squad of the hardest men on the planet get knocked for six, and yet, old, burnt out glover manages to beat him.


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    Danny Glover! Danny “I’m gettin to old for this sh1t” Glover!!!

    Did you not see what the first Predator did to MACK, not to mention BILLY, but yet Danny Glover with his six-bullet .38 dispatches the Predator without incident.

    Worst sequel in history.

    (But I agree, Tremors/Crow/Highlander sequels were pure ELVIS!)

    …I MEAN HE DIDN’T EVEN HAVE RIGGS (Mel Gibson) to help out!!! Danny Glover, huh!

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    What about Mad Max II and III. Damn fine sequels there. Gibson on form (without DANNY “Predator-Slayer” GLOVER),

    Jaws II ?,

    Of course Empire Strikes Back (as a sequel to A New Hope).

    Temple of Doom and Last Crusade? Nothing like a bit of german-bashing to make a great sequel!!!

    …Danny Glover…..grrrrrrrrr!

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    im with jedi boy on this one. one thing i hated was at the end when the rest of the predators in their ship realise that danny g. killed one of their bro’s, and do nothing about, except quote an arnie line!!

    they should make predator 3, where arnie comes back, kills glover, and brings mack back to life using dna samples found in the forest.

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    Hrm fair enough Predator 2 isnt as good as the original but by no means is it the worst sequal ever, there are far to many others to name…the reason why P2 is so reviled is that its a terrible sequal to a fantastic original, that usuall doesnt happen…

    In P2’s slight defence though with the original there was loads of cover with the jungle plus the commandos were thes ones being hunted, whereas with P2 there was no such limitless over and the Predator wasnt really after Glover, it was the other way around. Oh and the ending was pretty standard in the Predator universe, you kill a Predator on the hunt and they respect it…still though, it was all pretty naff… :?

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    I’m with R_Mc_Gowan on this one. Get the “Governator” on the phone, tell him Danny Glover was talking trash about him, MACK, and BILLY (not to mention PONCHO) and just set the camera’s up and start filming.

    I see what your thinking…How do we get Glover to dress up as a Predator…I think some tranquiliser darts, and some hallucinogetics should do the trick. Then we…

    “COOK UP A STORY” and “DROP THE TWO OF THEM IN A MEAT-GRINDER” and see what happens.

    Danny Glover!!! grrrrrrr. We should “BLEED HIM…REAL QUIET…LEAVE YA HERE…”

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