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    Hello everyone. I am carrying out a little bit of research into the number of mid to top range Unity programmers that are in the vicinity of the North (North West region)?
    There may be very likely something coming up shortly in the future and I am figuring if there is anyone keen.
    Do note if you are not from the area but still interested please feel free to give out a shout.

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    Yup, i’m in Co. Cavan and use unity … a lot!
    Here’s one of the games I’ve made -https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SillanStudios.Recineration .
    A unity club or event would be awesome, and I know a food few people who would be interested. Thanks!

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    Venn diagram time!

    Unity programmers (aka programmers) in Ireland

    Programmers that are outside Dublin

    Programmers who are not working and wanting to work on other peoples projects (maybe you will be paying or have an amazing project)

    (‘Mid to top range’ – I’m not sure what this means)

    I was going to recommend contacting this course: http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/courses/viewcourse.php?article=13 but it seems to be gone (?)

    So Letterkenny could be a good bet, search Linkedin for graduates of courses like this: http://www.lyit.ie/courses/computing/ly707/ and maybe contact them.

    When the time comes and you have a job you want to fill, post it to Aphra for inclusion here: http://www.gamedevelopers.ie/jobs/ or on http://gamesireland.ie/wordpress/games-jobs/


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    Aphra K

    yes not sure what is happening with those courses in Derry.

    what about some of the folks in Galway – Phantom etc…


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    Was any of the information useful?

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    Aphra K

    I did contact NWIFE in Derry to ask about their courses…still waiting on a reply


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