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    I am trying to do a very realistic model of the earth in max.
    Just found some juicy high res earth images up on one of Nasa’s many websites. And when I say high resolution, I mean high resolution:

    21,600 x 10,800. 173MB

    And thats not even the biggest. There are two seperate Western and Eastern hemispheres at 21,600 x 21,600. Thats down to a resolution of 1KM!
    But they are 240MB and 400MB in size respectively. I think my computer will have problems handling the measley 173MB image, don’t mind the 640MB behemoth!

    But at least now I should be able to zoom right in on the Earth and it should look tasty!

    Just thought I’d share this, as I think this is the largest image resolution I have ever seen……for download anyway!

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    God almighty. I saw some big textures for the fascinating Orbiter game, but nothing as big as this!

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    Dang, the download cut off half way through. Only got 90MB. Ok, here we go again!

    Its an incredible resolution alright, can’t wait to download it and zoom right in, should look good on a max model too. The NASA websites are class, loads of great stuff on them….

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    For an upcoming client commission, I envisage a Roman Centurion’s helmet*, on top of a Fell Beast, being attacked by the Millenium Falcon, whilst fending off an AT-ST, all floating just above the earth’s stratosphere.

    Now, who could I commission for this project?

    * Fnar

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    I like the sound of that!! ;)

    Just had a look at what I did manage to download(basically the Northern Hemisphere) and when it finally loaded(after about 5 mins)….its amazing looking. You can see the dunes in the Sahara desert…..

    By the way, here is the link to the super high res images:

    Here are the other images(clouds, night view etc)


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    Wow. That is amazing. Any chance we could see some details…?

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    Here is a little gallery they have of close ups……

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    When I get these downloaded I’m planning on doing a little “Approach to Earth Space Station” type animation. I already have an earth model with medium resolution maps, and I have the ozone and glow etc looking right. So I just need to add these high res maps and then I can put some nice shots in.

    For example, a shot close in on the station, with the gigantic earth as the backdrop, so close you can see all the details of rivers, canyons etc……should look fab.

    Something similar to these:


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    Spec…tacular. The Grand Canyon shot looks like a close-up of a tiny dried rock. I guess thats Fractal nature at its best. Micro / Macro etc.

    Lovely images. Thanks Dave.

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    Just had a thought ( *ouch* )…

    Nooptical, could you cut out and e-mail me just the part of the image showing Ireland?

    Best regards…

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    No probs Mal, will do it when I get it downloaded.

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    Good luck rendering that in max Dave, My PC had bother last year with a couple of 4000×3000 textures!

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    I know Pete, I have had it rendering with about ten 4000 + pixel res texture maps, so hopefully it might just tick over with this one. If not, I will just have to go and buy another gig of ram! ;)

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    Another gig of ram


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    heheh……I can always just reduce the res of the image a bit if necessary. I may not be able to zoom in to see the Amazonian de-forestation on my globe, but at least it will render!

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    Indeed, the sacrifices we make for our art

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    Its sad, but alas, until I get my SGI Workstation it something I will just have to sacrifice! :p

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    with a dual monitor setup…..

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    How about 3 monitors:
    One for my tools
    One for my viewport(s)
    One for my Referance images

    Oh, how sweet that would be…

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    and a big desk

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    Link not working, I’m guessing its some sort of VR thingy?

    Oh, a big desk is vital. Plus one of these seats

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    Link was broken.

    Try this.

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    By Robot Servant, I’m talking about one of these:

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    Bit too camp for a servant for my liking

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    Yes, but he is obedient. Not like the mischievous R2-D2 model….

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    You have a point there, I shall brush aside my phobias.

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    Also, if he gets annoying he has that little off switch thing. If you want to switch R2 off you seem to have to blast him, which is not very effecient.

    I would have to make sure I don’t get the lurid model, as displayed in this picture:

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    Em, yeah, you should definitely specify the codpiece inclusive model (when you order from Amazon)

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    It’s an extra 5000 credits, but worth it. The last thing I need to see every day is some sort of mechanical penis with over 6 billion forms of communication.

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