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    WOW and Lineage (I + II) dominate


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    it’s sort of impressive, isn’t it?
    Those lucky Koreans, when you think they’ve been at it since 98, it makes me laugh :)
    Just Lineage on its own got more than all the other games on that graph combined…

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    I’ve never found the time for any MMOs they all seem to require you to devote hours of your life…but then so do many online FPS if you want to consistently be top of servers.

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    yeah, I tried Dofus recently. I think it’s really nice, but all this crafting and looting and repetitive gameplay… pfff
    It sort of gets tedious very quickly (for me anyway).
    Gods I wish there was something more like _roleplaying games_ online…
    But no, you just cant beat a good old game with a good DM (well, it’s hard to find a _good_ DM and a group to your tastes, around here, but hey, I know it exists)

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