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    Just wanted to introduce you all to TKO Software (http://www.tko-software.com).

    18 months ago we were 6 people with $50,000 working in someone’s basement. Now we’re over 100 people working in over 33,000 square feet of offices in Santa Cruz and we’re opening in Dublin next month.

    Intially, we’re going to be porting, localising and testing wireless for entry into the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy and we’re looking for a Director of Engineering plus a manager/s for localisation and QA.

    If you have J2ME or Brew skills and you want to work in a fun team then send me an email.

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    Aphra K


    great to hear..welcome to the community and hope to meet you in the new year at a shindig..

    now I have read all my e-mails I see you sent in job info. to us…will be added asap to the jobs section…


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    Thanks Aphra. We’re very much looking forward to coming over. Hope to see you sometime soon.

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    Hi Will,

    It’s great to hear that you guys are locating in Ireland, I’m sure you’ll have no problems finding an enthusiastic workforce if you are ever planning on having a game development team in Dublin in the future!

    For now, good luck with finding testers, translaters etc, I know that a few excellent game titles ( Final Fantasy ) have been translated and tested in Ireland ( as well as loads of non-gaming applications ), so the skills are out there.


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    Thanks Mal. We plan on building a development team out here soon, but the aim is to start lean and get traction with our existing titles first.

    Mind you, if things move as fast as they are for us in the US then we may be spreading the net sooner rather than later.

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    We plan on building a development team out here soon[/quote:23ae652945]

    “out here” would indicate you are already in Ireland! :) Any chance of offering you a warm Irish welcome at the Shindig or some time soon? I am sure there are plenty of people on the boards interested in meeting you!


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    Not quite I’m afraid. I’m in Santa Cruz this week but I’m landing in Dublin on the 5th January and would very much like to meet anyone interested in what we’re up to. We’ll be based at the Digital Depot.

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    Aphra K

    you will be just in time for the launch of IDGA Ireland on the 8th of January which will either be in the Digital Depot or the Digital Hub across the road… that will be a nice welcome..


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    Hi Will,

    Well, let me echo what everyone else has been saying, you are most welcome.

    I doubt you will have any problems sourcing the people you need here, there is talent in abundance.

    There is a good community of mobile game developers with a number of established and budding companies (ourselves included), and you will find many of them on these boards.

    Hopefully I will get a chance to catch up with you at one of the shindigs, if I can manage to get this chain off and get up to Dublin (missed them all so far :-( ).


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    Out of Interest why have you picked Ireland?

    Did Enterprise Ireland (or IDA) approach you?

    Read in the Irish Independent today that it is expected that the game industry is expected to take off in Ireland… but then they did mention Havock as a games Dev company which it is not really.

    Brian ;)

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    Ireland’s got a lot going for it. There’s plenty of talent and the IDA makes a compelling pitch for US companies looking to expand into Europe. I also think that TKO’s executives were very taken with the idea of visiting Dublin rather than the UK.

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