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    hi i was wondering if there are any software available on the internet for modeling. also are there any tutorials available to learn how to do modeling.

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    check out blender at http://www.blender.org – not sure how it stands up to the likes of maya, 3ds, lightwave etc (since modelling isnt my bag) ….. but it is open source and free :D

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    If you are wanting to work from home, and get started quickly, definitely get Blender


    It’s free, open-source, and has a built-in games engine ( of course, it also has all of the usual rendering features )

    Also, you’ll get loads of help from the online community…


    At the link above, check out the contests page… a great way of starting out might be to try some of their weekend challenges.


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    what i meant to say is that i am a complete noob at modeling and i was wnating to know if i could learn how to do it at home.

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    Try blender its very good and quiet easy to learn the blender site has some very good tutorials going from complete basics to advanced modelling and animation. and its free :P

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    Yes, you could learn from home. While free tutorials from the web are great to start off with eventually you’ll need more in-depth information. I’d be more inclined to use one of the PLE versions of a commercial software and buy a good book. But in saying that Blender is picking up a lot of support so maybe that would be a wise place to start.

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