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      Rodriguez, Madsen & Davis Are In ‘BloodRayne’
      [Tue August 17, 2004 08:13PM]
      Michelle Rodriguez, Matt Davis and Michael Madsen have been cast in BloodRayne, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

      Based on the popular video game of the same name, joining Ben Kingsley and Kristanna Loken. Uwe Boll is directing and producing.

      Similar to the popular video game, the film is based on a sexy supernatural huntress named BloodRayne (Loken), who hunts down and eliminates supernatural threats around the globe for a secret society called Brimstone.

      Director Paul W.S. Anderson talked to SCI FI Wire about the future of the Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse franchise.

      “I think it’s a franchise that has legs, and I would very much like to see a third movie,” the filmmaker said in an interview. “I don’t know if I’d direct it. I think it would have to depend on what happens.” Anderson (Alien vs. Predator) also wrote, produced and directed the first Resident Evil movie, which is based on the best-selling Capcom game series.

      Anderson, who passed on directing Apocalypse to helm Alien vs. Predator, added, “Either way, whether I directed it or not, it would be a franchise I would want to stay very much in control of and very involved in. There’s a broad range of stories to tell, a very wide Resident Evil universe, so there are a lot of potential stories that we could do that would be tied in to the video games.”

      In Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Milla Jovovich returns as Alice, joining newcomers Oded Fehr, Jared Harris, Sandrine Holt and Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine, Alice’s equal in butt-kicking. Anderson describes Apocalypse as a “direct continuation” of the first Resident Evil. “At the end of the first movie the Umbrella Corp. are going to reopen the Hive and discover what went on down there,” Anderson said. “And at the start of this movie that’s what they do. And the infection, the T-virus, escapes and infects Raccoon City, which is above the laboratory. The story then basically takes place over 24 hours, as the city is completely overrun with undead and is actually sealed by the Umbrella Corp. so that no one is allowed out of it. And we follow a handful of survivors as they attempt to escape the city. The survivors include Alice, who survived from the first movie, and she hooks up with well-known characters from the video-game series, and Jill Valentine is one of those characters.”

      The team behind the videogame adaptation Spy Hunter have bought the rights to videogame Psi-Ops, according to Variety

      They’re in negotiations with a helmer and plan to take the property and director as a package to studios after Labor Day.

      Psi-Ops is the story of a government agent with psionic powers whose memory is erased. He slowly recalls his abilities as he is sent to infiltrate a group of rogue agents who were also part of his training program.

      Game was released in June and has been a solid but not spectacular seller. Reviews were largely positive.

      “I’ve always been interested in the whole idea of psionic powers that have been developed by the government, even though they’ve been very close-mouthed about admitting they conducted those kind of experiments,” Askarieh said of the game’s appeal.

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      Uwe Bol is also directing a Far Cry film with the role of jack carver being played by wrestler The Rock.

      Uwe Bol is doing a few game to films, he’s done house of the dead, is doin bloodrayne and far cry and he’s also doing alone in the dark

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      Nice one Pete, Cheers!

      The Doom III story is also headed for the silver screen!

      There’s an Irish director but apparently the film will be shot in Prague now, it was originally due to be filmed here at Ardmore Studios but the more generous tax breaks being offered abroad have taken the production company, their money and Doom III elsewhere ;(

      Still though! The Irish director is good news ;)

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      It seems the chap directing is from Buncrana, around 20 minutes from Muff!!! He’s a mate of Mark’s!!

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      Enda McCallion if I remember right?

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