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      This looks…FANTASTIC!


      And by Fantastic, I mean chock-ful-o-cheese! It just screams of Uwe Boll, but ya know what???

      I can’t wait to play.

      There’s just something about punching S[t]uper-man with kryptonite-infused bat-gloves that brings on a warm fuzzy feeling!

      And I guess it was inevitable, with Street Fighter making a come-back, probably new Tekkens, Killer Instincts, and maybe a TMNT fighter for good measure.


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      The game looks very slow, like the part where they jump through a wall and they’re falling for about 10 seconds when only batman seems to be able to get a punch or two in.
      I do hope they’ll take fatalities from MK though, it’d be cool to rip some DC comic’s superhero’s head off :P

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      I do hope they’ll take fatalities from MK though, it’d be cool to rip some DC comic’s superhero’s head off :P[/quote:d76a3540fa]

      Unfortuntely, they already announced that this feature will not be in MK vs DC, as DC didnt want to depict their characters being decapitated etc. So for me this game is nothing more than a straight up 1-1 fighting game. Doubt it will live up to great cross fighting game like Marvel Vs Capcom, that game was frickin sweet! But maybe I’m wrong.

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      are you sure peter?


      GameSpot: Have you made any more headway on the fatality versus finishing

      Ed Boon: Yes we have. All of the MK characters and all of the DC villains will have fatalities. The DC heroes who don’t kill that often will have brutalities that will function just like fatalities but don’t actually kill the opponent." [/quote:bfdbe4f6f0]

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      Dodgy post there man. Looks like a forum post.

      yep was announced in April 2008 from these guys.



      From these its still unclear but if they do show up they’re toned down heavily.

      Typically, if a game feature isnt confirmed or denied by the developer, it probably means they know the audience are going to be pissed so they leave it as late as possible to confirm it :)

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      follow the bread-cum trail to gamestop interview with Ed Boon (on the 24 of june)


      On the other hand, the people who have assumed things like there will be no blood or fatalities in the game have been totally off base. Unfortunately, this assumption has been made by a good number of players and even some of the press, but you really can’t fault them when so little information has been officially announced. Again, over time, all of the details will be revealed. [/quote:5ac7adfeb4]

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