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    I’ll start the ball rolling:

    “Rampant Rabbit Revolution!”


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    ” Randy Robot Revolution ” :lol:

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    Anyone played the jenna jameson game……..

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    I remember reading in Edge I think a while back about a DS game in which you had to “massage” an onscreen rabbit. I believe the player had to adjust speeds with the stylus and use the mic to blow on the “rabbit” and when the rabbit (i think it was a rabbit) was excited enough it would fly away….

    Enough said really :P

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    If its the DS then you might be thinking about “Rub Rabbits”, the other name for “project rub”. Big pile o’ mini games, but no rabbits.

    There are scorpions though if that floats your boat

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    Ridge Racer Revolution

    No wait we had that

    Brokeback Mountain Revolution where you use the stylus to….

    …fend off Grizzlys.

    (Thats Grizzly Bears)

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