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    Can anyone help me find info on Motion Capture work in Ireland? :?: :?:

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    By “motion capture work” do you mean the actual acting or being a mocap technician or wha??

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    Yes, I should have been clearer on that! I meant the actual motion capture performance.

    Hey, if anyone needs a good performer of all types of movement, action or reaction, I’d be happy to send a CV.

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    Of all the game companies in Ireland, I’d take a stab and say that only Torc would need mo-cap. Hey Pete, you work for Torc….

    It might be better to try non-game companies, advertisers might be a better route? This is just my opinion though

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    Aphra K

    I think the sports science facilities in DCU include a fully kitted out motion capture studio for research purposes…might be worth checking out what they use it for and what staff they have..


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