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      Hello everyone,
      I’d like to get your attention about our master project for MSc in Digital Games at DIT.
      We’re are currently developing multi-player point and click adventure game called The Enigma Complex. Some of you already heard about it when you were on GD shindig last month, where we presented our idea on big screen =)
      Since then we made significant progress in development. We’ll be happy that you can give us your feedback with any comments, tips or critics about the game and ask as many questions you can which can help us to improve the game and ease its promotion. Keep in mind that project is still in diapers but we’re working on it =)

      Here are some links you might wanna see:
      Official website – http://theenigmacomplex.com
      Developer blog – http://theenigmacomplex.blogspot.com/

      So please dont hesitate to comment about anything, ask questions and we’ll be happy to answer.


      for Enigma Team , Matej

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      Aphra K

      Thanks for keeping us posted.

      When is your submission deadline?

      What do you have to complete by then? One working prototype of one level?



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      Hey Aphra,
      we’d like to deliver complete game or at least playable prototype with all aspects of gameplay.
      We’d like to launch beta before Christmas to get feedback from testers.
      Anyway our final deadline is at the end of January, as Hugh said "Make it work or you wont get your degree" or something like that =)

      We’ll keep you posted,



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      The game has been in development now for a number of months and we have nearly reached the stage for you to get involved.
      Please visit our site http://theenigmacomplex.com or join us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/theEnigmaComplex to keep up to date with developments.
      Any feedback or comments would be much appreciated as we are very interested in what people think about the game and it’s development.

      Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you,

      Team Enigma

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      I like the art design, very best of luck with this.

      Will be watching it closely.



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      Hello everyone,
      we’re pleased to announce working prototype of The Enigma Complex game. We will run internal (alpha) testing during following weeks and fix all the bugs and gameplay issues.

      Meanwhile check out new screenshots at our official website or at our Facebook page.

      Here’s the link http://theenigmacomplex.com/screenshots.php

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