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      Hello Game Developers!

      My name is Christian Andersson, and I am an approved artist at 4 different professional music agencies. I have an own artist shop were I keep lower prices when getting in contact directly with indie game developers. As I greatly appreciate the creativity and spirit in the indie game business, and since I know the tough situations with severely limited budgets and lots of work, I license my music to small indie game teams for prices at a fraction of what they are sold for in the professional licensing agencies.

      Here’s an example of my latest songs, called "Hunt, Fight & Flee", a typical in-game battle/fight/action scene.

      I also have lots of other tunes with different emotional styles. I often have many versions for each song:
      – long/medium/short
      – loop/no-loop,
      – vocal/no-vocal
      and not all versions are present in my Artist Shop. Just tell me if you find a song to be interesting, and I can tell you more about which versions I have.

      For no extra cost, all my songs can be
      – prolonged (making a shorter song more suitable for in-game use)
      – cut (to suit a specific time-frame for a trailer/title, etc)
      – looped (e.g. if you want a song to played during a long fight, etc)
      – re-worked, re-mastered, changed, faded in/out (for various purposes)
      All to suit your needs assuming the job is <1 working day, which I can easily estimate based upon your request.

      Welcome to my site to learn more about prices and style:

      Welcome to my Artist Shop to license music:

      Note: The Quick License prices is pretty high for video games. Just choose "Make an offer" of the song, and I will accept lower proposals.

      Contact me to discuss prices/discounts, etc:

      Best Regards
      /Christian Andersson

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