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      Hello all, my name is Kolexe and i am a qualifyed / experienced music producer and sound engineer with a love for games and there development. I am posting here as i wish to join or help a team with there current developments no matter how big or small, Free of charge.

      Team name: Kolexe Music Production’s

      Project name: Free Game music production / composition and sound design

      Brief description:
      I can basically do everything from design a particular sound, compose and write to a particular emotion or atmosphere a game is wanting to create, master the final overall sound of the game for realease. I am willing to do this completley free of charge for my own personal enjoyment, however if a realease does become lucrative on a commercial or web based level i would be looking for a goodwill gesture payment / royalty.

      Target aim:
      Students wanting help on there project, retail developers, shareware and freeware.

      I use the best industry standard software and hardware some examples being Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase, Vegas video and Soundforge editing software.

      Talent needed:
      Game developers

      Team structure:
      Solo producer / Engineer

      UK mobile – 07809572777
      e – mail – karl_kolex@yahoo.co.uk
      website – http://www.kolexe.sm4.biz

      Previous Work by Team:
      Hip hop production for various solo artists and groups, rock production for some various artists, 5 years experience 3 of which at degree level in professional studios in the Uk.

      Additional Info:
      All i need first is an e mail of your interest and some basic details of your project, i would then require the following –

      Particular scene – How do you want the scene to feel? e.g tense, happy, sad.
      how do you want the scene to progress? e.g tense to shock
      a script of the story behind the scene and after.
      Sound design – what sound do you wish to create?
      E.g – i require a sound of a gun being cocked or a can falling to the ground, a door opening in an empty house, ect..ect…
      Sure send me feedback on this or work i do for you in the future both good or bad i can take constructive feedback it helps us all advance :)

      Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and hope i can help you in some way.

      P.s – anything you think i should add to this post please post and i will add this additional information, also if you have any questions or want to ask more for your project please do not hesitate to contact me on –

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