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    Pretty nice for a first attempt at Max. My first attempt was the inbuilt teapot :wink:

    I can barely see where the normal mapped detail is though

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    nice one

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    Yeah the normal mapping is sort of limited to bump mapping at this stage, cos I was running out of time…
    I had done the torso using normal mapping proper, but when I went home that evening to finish my model, I realised everything had been left at home. Oh well, at least I know how to do it on my own, something I am not sure I can claim for my classmates.

    Also I am still wondering, I had created tons of smoothing groups and stuff, in case I wanted to do a high res model (to create the normal mapping). However as you can see (on the legs front, the chimneys and also the top of the “guns”), no smoothing seems to be taking place at all…

    …anyway, first 3DSMax model, remember? :wink:
    I’ll turn this donkey into a war horse yet.

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    Cool first model :)

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    well, to be fair, my actual first model was a fire gem (that’s to say, a translucent sphere with a nice volumetric gradient texture) on a granite background, I believe a metallic texture with some reflection and a few light emitting volumes where also present, to complete the mess.
    It raytraced on a 386SX laptop using POV. I believe the resulting 160×100 picture took a little less than 4 hours to render…
    it must have been around 1990 or so, IIRC

    ah the good old days of hand typed 3D modelling :roll:

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    Well done dude, mucho congrats on the dreadnought, any chance of an ork warboss??

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    Pete always said that making your second model is a lot faster than making the first model. Just use the Clone tool ;)

    For a first model ( well, first in quite a few years ), it’s very good!

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    LOL, funny one there, using the Clone tool… :P

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