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    “EA president publicly slams N-Gage”

    COO John Riccitiello described the system as a “dog”…

    full article here:


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    According to Ian, you can say what you want about the N-Gage, but he is confident that N-Gage 2 will more than stand up to its critics….

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    As Ian (See above) says, the N-Gage V2 should be a vast improvement over the original. Seems there are already functioning prototypes and devkits out there…


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    I posted this a while back – thought I’d drag it up aagain instead of writing another response…. I haven’t read over it again mind you maybe I should….ah….feck it…..

    I always thought the idea behind the N-Gage was fairly strong.
    Competing with Nintendo is another matter however. If it were pushed more as the mature person’s gameboy…aim it at the audience that, no matter how they pushed it, it was destined to be for anyway.

    The idea of the link up with other players is great especially for free…. i actually thought they charged to play with your mates initially which put me off looking at them. I had the cycnical oh thats sounds great but they’re milking us again type attitude!

    Nokia’s main problem though is the stigma of “snake”. Everyone associates Nokia games with snake and its general pants-to-look-at-ness. Their lack of skills in creating games as of yet and their lack of experience in creating hardware to support decent games. They may be the best looking games handheld out there at the moment but I don’t quite trust them for some reason.

    3-6 hours game play on the battery too is avery little. (only 2-4 hours talk time). Nokia should spend a bit of time working on the battery life for the next upgrade to the system.

    Also take the battery out to change the game is a pain in the proverbials.

    Anyway that all said I’d still buy one if I got a decent price on it (which you can’t in Ireland at the moment). It sounds like they could be great crack if they are retreated and some of the issues adressed. If I got one though I’d feel the urge to buy a few of my mates one too as I really am not a play with myself kind of guy :) This means of course it’d have to be EXTRA cheap! [/quote:f6fc9009eb]

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    OK Pete!

    I was trying to keep this out of your hands, but you’ve probably seen it already ;)

    Check out Side-talk’n and you’ll be in heaven

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    LOL Just like Timberlake, “I’m lovin’ it!”

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    oh my god… it’s john o’kane!!


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    The portability of the ps2 is vastly underrated, and it can only be considered a shame that these days not enough people are smacking ps2’s into the side of their heads as I’ve demonstrated. In fact, I would go so far as to recommend that perhaps Pete or Tony should try out this wonderful experience; repeatedly and with great vigour.

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    would love to try out this experience – but think i’ll wait until I’ve been given a demonstration by an ‘expert’ in the field!

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    Tony, are you doing any work at the moment?


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    only when i can’t think of anything to say here!!

    besides, Dave – some of us think you are working way too hard since you left the Big Schmoke

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    Nah…I’m just still having difficulties trying to understand the accent :)


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    Hey! Watch it city-slicker!

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    interesting blog post on the Ngage from 3DRealm’s CEO Scott Miller – mostly from a business/branding perspective, but very interesting


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    I read that also, He is right – Nokia need to court developers and admit that they were wrong and come out with a killer kit – although at this stage a phone + GBA sellotaped together is Killer compared to N-Gage.

    They should mock the N-Gage in their adverts for “N-Gage Too”, get people off the street to come in and talk on it, play it. It would be cool self depreciation. Its the only way they’ll win over dedicated gamers…which is usually the group to sell to if you are launching a system.

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    N-Gage ads condemned by Advertising Standards Authority

    “Nokia has received a slap on the wrist from Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority for its N-Gage advertisements…”


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    This is where the side of my head finally caved in…..This is where the side of my head finally caved in…..

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    This is where the side of my head finally caved in…..

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    Sorry what was that?????

    Woz busy looking like a moron on my “gage QD”

    ….OK then damn you, more of a moron! (see above)


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