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    just to let ye know a game called nero will go live for download for free end of may. at present you can read about the game and view videos.

    i saw a working demo at an ai conference in the uk this week and its definately going to shake up the industry.

    basically nero involves a player training a team of soldiers to do jobs, i.e. attack a turret, capture a flag etc.

    basically it works on neuro-evolution, this isnt really a new idea, but what is new, the soldiers evolve in real-time. in under 2 minutes i witnessed agents going from total confusion, to consistently capturing a flag, and whats more if you moved the flag all over the terrain they tracked it. Also i saw a demo of a battle where there was a large wall and on either side were 2 troops one of which formed a formation with backs to the wall, so as to sneak up on the enemy, while the others went all out assault.

    other things which you can do is evolve in realtime, troop path finding, after which you can move objects around to block previously open paths and the agents will again adapt and find a route in realtime. gives rise to a new sort of path finding, (they work with incomplete knowledge, unlike A* and the likes).

    anyway heres the link


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    wrong link i think?

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    sorry changed now.


    (tired and end of the day)

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