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    Anyone seen it?
    It looks awesome. The first two prequals I enjoyed, for what they were. I didn’t compare them too much to the original trilogy, if I did then I wouldn’t have enjoyed them as much.
    They were fantastic adventures with some great saber battles and action scenes.
    I just watched the trailer for Episode III and I can’t wait to see the movie. It looks incredibly dark, and it seems to have all the ingredients I’m looking for in a Star Wars movie:
    1. Huge space battles
    2. Great characters
    3. Awesome lightsaber duels
    4. The Dark Side
    5. The Dark Side
    6. The Dark Side

    What are your opinions on the trailer?

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    cool… where did you see it nooptical.. i might have to make a trip on sunday myself :D

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    Sorry was too busy rewatching the Zelda Trailer.

    Regarding films though, my ‘to watch list; is Batman, Sin City, A Scanner Darkly….every other fim released this year (including romantic comedies) then….Star Wars (when it comes on TV in a few years)

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    For me this year, in order of anticipation:

    1. King Kong
    2. Episode III (Moved up one after the trailer!)
    3. War of the Worlds
    4. Sin City
    5. Appleseed

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    personlly i hate trailers, they always give away to much in the trailer to get you interest. if i want to see a moive (and i want to see SW 3 at some stage) i not going to watch a trailer, if i don’ know about the moive then it worth watching a trailer

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    Oh joy, the chance the see the superb acting talents of Hayden Christensen and the marvelous dialogue written by George Lucas, wow i can’t wait.

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    Feck off pantha poodu!

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    I LOVE trailers, some of the best editing you will ever see is done in teasers/trailers

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    I wonder if they get James Earl Jones to do all his voice acting once he puts on the Darth Vader suit…they should :)

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    Yeah they have gotten Jimmy Jones in to do the voice as far as I’m aware. If he didn’t, then that would seriously be one lucas change too far…..

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    On a related note, i saw THX 1138 for the first time last night…the remastered directors cut… it’s pretty pants. Visually it’s stunning and walter murch’s sound design is amazing… but apart from that its drivel…on a stick.

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    Can’t disagree with you there Dermy. The visuals are great, but the film in general is pants….

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    wow, lucas did something right, now lets hope the vader suit comes nice and early so we don’t have to see or listen to that little twat

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    Vader is only in it for the last 10-15 mins or so…..

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    Here is the poster for episode III i cant wait roll on may

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    Welcome to last week Chris…. :p

    Seriously though, the poster is pretty good. Although the Emperor is a bit weird looking and I don’t like the Yoda flying through the air thing either…..

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    God its so going to be a let-down…. and still i’ll be sucked in and go see it in the first week *sigh*

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    and still i’ll be sucked in and go see it in the first week *sigh*[/quote:3d34e4b208]

    Then the emperor has already won……

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    Downloading a demo for Lego Star Wars now :).

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    Deadly :D

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    Are you being serious or sarcastic?

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    Serious…its class

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    The Star Wars Lego game is the business, one of the lads in the office downloaded a demo here and we were laughin’ away. Its really good fun

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    Still haven’t bothered to see the second Star Wars let alone bother with the third. I’ll get around to it sooner or later!

    One thing I have paid attention to is the artistic side of it. I was reading up on how they use Mental Ray for all the Rendering. Wonder whether they used Max or Maya though… :confused:

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    ILM use a combination of commercial products and there own proprietary software. They develop their own in house tools to deal with modeling, rendering lighting, hair, facial animation(Caricature), bones systems etc as far as I know.

    I think they have used Mental Ray to some degree for quite a number of years now. Maybe now they are just signing a deal with Mental Images so that they can help them further integrate Mental Ray into their own proprietary toolset.

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    Have a look at Shattered Glass, its very good. To be honest I think the major flaws in the movies are not the new talent. But rather not enough credit been given to their acting skills. So we end up with them churning out Lucas brand cheese, while Ewen adn Sammi get semi decent lines and manage to bugger them up to no end (Disclaimer : by semi decent I mean compared to the rest of the script)

    At the end of the day I will love Episode 3 as I did 1 and 2.
    (Grabs pitch to warn away the witch hunters )

    But I must say the primary reason for loving them, is that their orchestral scores have always been second to none, and the art manuals/guides and showcases released prior to the movies are truly amazing. Sure the story is popcorn, and the acting is nothing short of 1980’s mario games but if he does this right, well then it will all make them worth while.

    Trailer is top quality, so have the recent releases of Starwars games, and even the Cartoon network shorts are classic.

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    Lucas is a good story teller. But he is shite at writing screenplays and his directing skills are mediocre.
    He would have been better off hiring a good writer to help get his story across, and also a good director to help bring that vision to the screen better. Lucas should stick to what he does best, that is, production.

    But at the end of the day, I enjoy the films a lot, and I’m positive that Episode III will be up there with Empire Strikes Back as one of my favourite Star Wars films.

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    Heres a bigger badder version of the trailer. (by bigger badder I mean clearer and not filmed in a theatre with a camcorder.)

    Looks pretty cool, so it does.


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    New pictures have leaked. This being my favourite:

    Burn Anakin! Burn!!

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    There taking online bookings in ugc on parnell street.
    ive got mine for the opening day thursday.


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    Forget that Star Wars nonsense.

    Down at the bottom – “TheMovieBox” TVSpots



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    Looks class! :D

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