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      I’m building a team to work on a Facebook game from January 2010. At this point, the game is not funded but our goal is to build a prototype by March to attract funding for it’s full development. In the short term, on offer is experience working with industry veterans. In the medium to long term, we’re aiming for internships, freelance work, and ultimately full-time positions. This will be a team effort and the team will meet regularly both virtually and physically. That means you may need to travel to Galway occasionally.

      Experience with UX Design, Flash, Flex, Action Script, or the Facebook APIs would be a plus. A serious interest in game development is a must, which is why I’m here!

      If you are interested, DM me or ping me an email to alan dot duggan at toggle dot ie.

      I haven’t been on the forums for quite a while, my bad. If you need any comfort in my sincerity or ability to pull this off, there are many people here who know me personally including Aphra. Hopefully they will vouch for me! :)

      Hope to hear from some of you soon.

      Happy Christmas,


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