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    It’s a two part download… 5kb & 39.5MB – but if it’s anything like the first demo it’ll be well worth it


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    Wonder did they pay for their ftp server this time around…


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    you cheeky boy!

    actually, before anyone gets too excited about this new demo…
    it’s only half complete, with placeholder assets in many places, some sound effects missing, and even some functionality that was present in the previous demo is missing!!

    Why Crytek would release this AT ALL, never mind in the same onth their game hits the shelves, is totally beyond me

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    Anyone hear any more about their software audit? I heard they were facing a fine of up to a million euros….. This latest level looks gorgeous though, incomplete as it may be

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    press release on their website maintains the whole thing was cleared up in 3 hours – with no charges being brought. whole thing was the result of a call by ‘disgruntled former employee’, apparently

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    Those damned disgruntled former employees….

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    throw a stick and you’ll hit twelve of them!

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