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    Heres two bits game to movie news of interest….

    God of war makes it to the movies

    and also the terrible looking Doom movie teaser trailer

    God of war could be good, but doom looks like a complete waste of the franchise.

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    What? Doom is looking pretty cool imo, have you played Doom 3 or indeed any of the other Doom games? Linear, predictable but scary in places and shedloads of fun if all you want is a straightforward shooter! Sounds like the same as the film if you ask me, perfect popcorn fodder! :D

    I’m looking forward to seeing the PoV view that they use in teh film. The BFG also looks pretty damn cool, as do the monsters. Sure its a pity they didnt go with the Hell plot but with a film like this it wouldnt make THAT much of a difference.

    Oh and its pretty obvious when The Rock isnt the lead character now! :lol:

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    They got the brainless stuff going on grand, but the lack of hell and all the cool imagery that id have developed over the years to do with it will be severly missed I reckon. Without all the pentangles and eviscerated corpses it will be missing alot of the mood of the game franchise.

    But it all comes down to opinions really.

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    Now if they had only followed the comic.. :)

    (course yeah all the writers would have to be sniffing acid but still)

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    Indeed, but ditching Hell had the knockon effect of losing the Hell-ish imagery. With the story revolving more around genetics we’re treated to a more modern high-tech look, more similiar to Doom3, but then again thats what the look of the movie was based on…

    Like I said, shame about the loss of Hell but I’m not exactly dreading it anymore…

    BFG GO BOOM!!! :D

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    I’m looking forward to seeing the PoV view that they use in teh film[/quote:0641c2fb33]

    it might look something like this…

    http://www.lookatentertainment.com/nneu231nd1zd823/vids/v-451.wmv :D

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    Or even more realistic!

    Clicky! :lol:

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    i like the look of the Doom movie.. perfect sky box office material :D

    can’t wait !

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    Wehey, I’m not alone!

    …You don’t happen to like The Punisher aswell? :lol:

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