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    christmas time filler.

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    I probably wouldn’t embed the reel in the manner you have. A much cleaner way would be converting the reel into a flash video(flv) and loading it in in a standard flash movie. That way you could stream it instead of making the user wait for the entire movie to be downloaded. Also might be nice to have the actual movie controls.

    Possibly centre everything on the page as it’s currently sitting off to the left on my 1280×1024 screen. Nice reel though

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    It’s placement looks fine to me.

    First Scene- Looks VERY familiar to a piece of animation I saw on 10secondclub.com a few months back…and it was done better. The lip-synch is way off on the words ‘me’ and ‘life’.

    Second Scene- Nice, something new that we really don’t see in reels. Bit short though

    First Run- Lack of overlap and other basic animation principles leave this run a bit flat. This rig can do more I think…like some Squash and Stretch.

    Second Run- Could have done without the camera move. I’m gonna go out on a limb here…are you a fan of Final Fantasy VII? A character called Cid Highwind runs just like that :D Nice though, better than the first run. There is more character to it.

    Heavy Lift- Nice. It does the job. Nice idea to offset the lightness of the feather versus the heavy sack.

    Rat Shots- A German speaking rat. How bizzare! :D Nice though. I was going to ask how difficult it was to lip-synch German, then I saw the little notice at the end.

    Overall a good reel. Are you a Maya user only?

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    Thank you for the comments on the reel, its good to get feedback.

    I haven’t played final fantasy VII, (honest)
    As for 10 second club yes, I also seen that animation. I wanted to have a go at it myself. Im currently working on a new 10 second anim. will be up shortly.

    I am a maya user, I also can work with character studio.

    thanks again

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    Oh, is 10 second club back up? I can’t wait.

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    i think it might be dead… which is a real shame. its been of line for a good few months now. Was a great resource site for animators.

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