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    dc STUDIOS and 50 jobs [/quote:52ff68aaf8] can you post the gist, Peter? You need a subscription to view that content

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    Game company to create 50 jobs in Dublin
    Last updated: 12-04-05, 13:03

    A Canada-based developer of video games is to create 50 jobs through a development studio in the Digital Hub in Dublin.

    The jobs at DC Studios will be mainly for experienced graduates, including software programmers, artists, designers and producers.

    Mark Greenshields, CEO of DC Studios, said Ireland has a experienced pool of software skills and a supportive business environment.

    Established in 1999, DC employs nearly 80 people at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, and in satellite studios in Glasgow and Bristol.

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    Feeling a bit on the slow side today?


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    well unfortunately i have a job so i only get a chance to check in now and then. :)

    also i had heard the rumours about DC-Studios but i only took with a pince of salt like the rumours of rare moving to dublin and ubisoft, sometime last year.

    good to see confirmed.

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    WOW! This is going to be great news for a lot of students who studied 3D modelling, and currently don’t have an outlet for work in Ireland!

    It’ll be interesting to see if there will be movement from any of the smaller existing companies into this larger, more secure one.


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    This is going to be great news for a lot of students who studied 3D modelling, and currently don’t have an outlet for work in Ireland[/quote:64834d1ef2]
    Yeah, or at least a couple a year…

    Don’t mean to be pessimistic, but I reckon they might lure a few irish back from foreign waters and experience will be required in a new studio and they probably won’t be hiring many grads until they’ve got the studio established.

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    I suppose a bit of shock and awe would have to be used

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    harsh but true :(

    i guess if your setting up a new branch you want the experienced ppl because without them theres going to be no long term jobs at that studio.

    will there be alot of the abroad community i wonder lured back to ireland, or is there loads of unemployed game developers in ireland? i mean developers which actually worked in games companies as opposed to hobbyist developers.

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