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    Here a link to the new Silent Hill Movie Website, It takes ages to load, requires Flash PLayer 8 and there is not much on it, but the trailer/intro is cool. Although you can’t really see anything it kinda-sorta captures the mood of the games.

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    See they’re running a poster competition?


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    The website is a bit “flimsy” wouldn’t you guys agree? I mean the trailer is weak, shows nothing.

    Silent Hill deserves SOOOO much more.

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    Its not a trailer its a teaser…they never show anything. And the web sites captures the mood of the games quite well. I wouldnt call it flimsy by a long shot.

    Early reports I’ve heard say it’ll be extremely true to games, but that might of all of changed once it hits the cinema…

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    nah, its flimsy.

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