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    The brother just finished the new Star Wars game last night.

    According to the video at the end of the game, Anakin sort of nearly dies and they stick him in a black sort of “keep him alive” suit and he becomes this “Darth Vader” character. Who would have thought.

    There you go, that’ll save you a fiver for the cinema ticket.


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    Dont make me post up the script ;)

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    So let me get this straight. Anakin becomes Darth Vader!?!?!?

    Are you serious!?!

    Seriously, I think I know more or less the whole story, due to visiting too many movie sites and not bothering to read the spoiler warnings…. ;)

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    I got me hands on the episode three art book which spoiled a good load of it for me.

    But seriously Anakin becomes darth vader?

    Who Knew?

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    So let me get this straight. Anakin becomes Darth Vader!?!?!?

    Are you serious!?![/quote:e101e093af]
    Oh I wouldn’t be so sure about that. All is not as it seems…. or is it?? :P

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    But seriously Anakin becomes darth vader?[/quote:2be343418e]

    No way! That horrible whiney irritating kid becomes the most respected bad guy in film history? It cant happen! I’d rather share a flat with Jar-Jar! Please, please, please, save the sanctity of our respected film villains!


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    Look at the shape of that helmet. Obviously Anakin sticks to the cause of the greater good and attempts to kill Jar-jar. Unfortunately he slips on an ear and only slices off most of the nose.

    He then manages to fall on his own weapon and remove just about every useful part of his body. Then that friendly chap in black, Darth Sidious, picks up the 2 damaged bodies and grafts them together.

    As for the new personality? Its either recessive genes or Sidious also grafts in a disgruntled sea bass.

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    seriously (just for a mo’) – was watching the R2 DVD release of RotJ (ep 6) at the WE, and who should pop-up at the end of the re-mastered version (the scene where the ‘ghost’ Jedis appear and wave bye to Luke) but ole Anakin (of Ep 2-3) and not the original anymore… I say, I say, that’s WELL out-of-order, Mr Lucas. Sacrificing an original masterpiece for the sake of post-fact consitency and commercialism… It’s just as if Leonardo had decided to graffitti Mona Lisa with a tank or a flying machine design, FFS!

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    And inconsistent at the same time. If Anakin’s ghost appeared as his younger self why didn’t Obi wan? Or Yoda for that matter?

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    ………..Unfortunately he slips on an ear and only slices off most of the nose……… or Sidious also grafts in a disgruntled sea bass.[/quote:398cabbdf8]

    Yeah Niffty I’d heard a rumor (well “just tried to start it) that in another 15 years George will design another re-mastered classic that will slot all six plot patterns together :

    Star wars 7: from ear to paternity.

    **Groans with Hands up reitring to cupboard**


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    is that the final front ear .. oops no, wrong company LOL

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    it has to be our ages Michael

    to come up with the all groaning oldies like that and still laugh :lol:

    i’m just behind you on birthdays i think

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    Yeah Steph, I hate the way he has added Annoying Anakin Ver1.0 into the end of RotJ.

    Although the new Emperor hologram thing he added in Empire Strikes Back is way cooler than the old one.

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