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    Just noticed there’s a new one.

    Quiet a nice idea, but I think some of the text is a bit on the small size and navigation is a little tricky as you have to point at the stars to see what the links actually are. But other than that, pretty nice.

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    its actually been up since september.


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    That’s not new…I’m pretty sure they’ve had that for a while…. I take it we’re talking about http://www.starcave.com/

    I don’t see any reason why this site should be 100% flash as other than the flashing buttons in the background and snow like effect everything could be achieved through standard html. If you want those flashy effects you could achieve them through dhtml. Though dhtml isnt exactly great either…

    Oddly enough I really like the Sega Racing site even though there really isnt a reason to use flash there either.Its just something about it which looks very clean and easy to use…

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    lots of new sites seem to be doing it lately like




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    Perfect Dark makes good use of flash though. Some sites it suits but unless you have the resources behind it they normally fall flat on their faces…I should root out the first design I had for my site, a perfect example of a badly designed flash site :oops:

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    its actually been up since september. [/quote:f284707ee1]
    Was sure I’ve been there since then and it was the old one…oh well..

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