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    I’ll share this loud tune with you guys :D


    turn it up and enjoy …


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    Very cool Claire,

    I can only play it at a low volume over here, but I’ll dig out the headphones and crank them up later on!


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    cool tune. whats the new toy :D

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    Ta for listening guys :D

    new computer :D upgraded software :D

    stuff i’ve wanted for a couple of years, but had to put off because of lack of funds :wink:

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    have you seen this? http://www.gleetchplug.com/

    i got all excited bout this piece of software…until i found out it is mac OSX only. boooo! XP version is due out in a few months but since you’re a mac-attack-maniac maybe you can give it a whirl and a burl and lemme know what its like?

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    do you know what.. i saw this advertised on KvR a while back.. just assumed it was PC only LOL … how wrong i was :D

    downloading now, and I see it’s MAX/MSP .. good stuff :D i’m looking forward to this.

    Am trying to get some funding together to get Metasynth right now too… so good this one is free

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