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    For 100%, it’s pretty good value!

    Plus, having experience with programming using a middleware engine is a key skill now-adays for coders.

    Having XBox Live, XBox 360 and PS/2 support is a bonus!


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    It’s a great community, but from personal experience, if you have never actually seen the source for a proper engine, it’s a tad overwhelming. something like 1764 files, in mine… so my advice is that if you want to get it, have an idea of what you want to do with it _before_ you get it. (actually, it’s probably an advice that you can use in a lot of other contexts)

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    Ah but wading through those 400k lines without any notion of whats going on is just SO much fun at the start! :D

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    Not really, but I must admit, when you do start to see the light, and how things fit, yeah, it’s a pretty nice feeling (the same feeling I get any time I start grasping someone else’s code, no matter the language :) )

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    Heh, that was sarcasm philippe, trust me. We’ve managed to get our heads around most of the important code at this stage though, took bloody long enough but we’re there! :D

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    it’s easier when you are not on your own, isnt it ;)
    How I wish there had been anyone with game programming skills around LYIT when I started… ah well, better late than never I suppose :roll:

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    Well in this case two heads has proved better than one, literally. Then again neither of us have game programming skills under out belt, rather our knowledge of C++, an excellent book and the vast repository of information that is teh interweb! :D

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    with me being new, i’m kinda getting the hesitant feeling about buying it, oh wel same as anything i jump into head first, it’s the only way i’ll learn :P hmm but before i do so i’m going to do some *research* on other engines…

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