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    Hi there folks,

    I am in the finishing stages of coding an online game for the new Triple X movie.

    Coding wise, this took about 8 weeks, re-using a version of the car game engine from the educational app, and also coding the shooting app and the final bomb diffusing app.

    Art and design wise, this was handled by the client in the US.

    Check it out, and let me know if it works OK. Comparisons should be made to Flash based games, rather than GTA / Half-Life 2 ;)


    Enter the site, then click on “The Mission” button, and you’ll be able to play the game.


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    Brilliant Mal!!!

    I couldnt believe the city was so large in the first level :)

    Great handling on the car

    The second level I got killed at the point where there was 3 guys in a row shooting at me. Very cool though

    Sometimes I lost the crosshairs when I crouched – so when I reappeared it was a bit disorientating.

    I’ve tried it in Firefox 1.02 and IE 6.0

    Music was good too.

    I’m sure you know that when you die there is a placeholder ‘gamelose.swf’ (I think thats what it said)

    Is it possible to skip a level once you beaten it?

    Very cool stuff all round – well done!

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    I got killed the same place as Kyotokid (I didn’t wanna be the only one!!) Thats good craic Mal, the lighting on the characters in round 2 is great, very moody.

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    Very very cool, Mal!

    Level 2 was a lot of fun. So nearly snuffed it at the end with those two lads shooting you from both sides. Only had one bit of health left!

    I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing on the third level. I was frantically pressing the buttons and I thoght I was making progress until the timer suddenly shot into overload and detonated. Am I missing something obvious there?

    Great stuff all around. How’d you land the Triple X gig?? :)

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    am trying .. :D safari is giving me an odd error message though

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    cool gig though Mal ! well done :D and good luck for getting lots more like it ..

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    thats excellent mal. good stuff

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    Great stuff Mal – Well done!

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    i died at the bomb bit too, used up all my lifes, and its now stuck on a white screen. it was a little bit slow on my work computer ( pentium 3.2ghz, 248 ram) but still playable, so a low res version would be good.

    great work mal, can we show this off to the students (give them a scare) ;)

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    OK folks, the final version of the game is now live on the Sony website…

    ( I also edited the first post, with this new link )


    Enter the site, then click on “The Mission” button, and you’ll be able to play the game.

    Clare, I haven’t tested this on a G5 yet, hopefully this new version will work… it works on some Macs, but not on others… very strange!

    Thanks for the feedback etc, there’s another high profile Web 3D game I’m working on that is going to be live very soon as well, I’ll post details in a few days…


    Can’t wait for the gd.ie birthday event in Dublin, i’ve been working WAY too hard recently!

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    excellent piece of work MAL, got to the bomb and then regreted never paying attention when my mates were playing mastermind.

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