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      Releasing Algebalance taught me a lot about marketing, if you don’t go in strong, it’s very hard to gain attention.

      To that end, I’ve created a new website, the emphasis in getting the message about the game across quickly and directly. Also, making it adaptive so it works on devices of different resolutions.

      The site’s here (not live yet): http://algebalance.com/newsite/

      Any feedback would be appreciated. Including on the video, I intend to create a custom video to replace the current one and could do with suggestions on that too.

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      I would change that background color to suit the colours of the furry dudes. Also borders with rounded edges and a 3px shadow around those bottom boxes, center justify the text.

      When I go to phone resolution the video and the above opening paragraph is sitting on top of the background images.

      I would suggest going with a 2 column layout and using % instead of direct pixel amounts where possible.

      Also checkout http://getbootstrap.com/css/ for a system design for responsive layouts.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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