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    Last night there was aparently an announcement from microsoft about their new windows system. Cant find out anything about it though.

    Anyone out there able to shed more light on the subject?

    I hope to god that its a 64bit system as i am growing very impatient….!

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    yeah it will be a 64 bit os i think, coz isnt there already a 64 bit xp?
    also directx 10 will be exclusively for vista. so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. (forcing gamers to upgrade they’re version of windows to play games, or forcing developers to continue to use dx9 for games). although i will say the initial docs and presentations for vista and dx10 are actually pretty impressive. the os is going to be very much be centred around the GPU.

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    I have it here in the packaging, was at the Visual Studio 2005 launch and they gave out free beta copies to everyone. Havnt bothered to install it yet, but it looked nice, some really cool features that I think I would like

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    Some nice new features, it’s both 64 bit and 32 bit. Seems mostly eye candy but some of the new things look good.

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    Aye one of the guys in college had it installed. Looks very nice however the only problem is your graphics card needs to be fully DirectX 9.0 compliant, something a few people I know werent too happy about.

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    64bits ? Uh, hello there but I got my copy of Widows XP Pro 64bit this summer… so what’s the problem?
    I assume you must be referring to Vista.
    They are also gonna release a DirectX 10 for it. Completely different graphic architecture apparently (I believe I read about that on GameDev?)

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    Yes we’re talking about Vista. I wonder will they give in to community pressure and make Aero fully suppurt OpenGL instead of just layering it over Direct X.

    Link for more details

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