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    Hrm…I thought I posted this last night…but ANWAY…

    The film finally this week so I toddled off to see it last night. Must say it was a great film, there were a few “WTF?” moments here and there and the subtitles made for some funny moments with regards the jokes and comic timing but overall its definitly well worth seeing. Its also the first in a planned trilogy so I’d say things will definitly pick up big time in the next two installments.

    I’ll leave the Star Wars comparisons for when more of you guys have seen it. :D

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    I think it got a good review from Jonathon Ross (wasn’t actually paying attention at the time) but I did see the bit where he mentioned that the second one is already made (Day Shift) and that, rather oddly, the third one will be filmed in English. Seems odd to change part way through.

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