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    Nintendo are showcasing the DS around the UK and Ireland so people can get their hands on it to test it out. Information on the time and dates can be found at http://www.touchmehere.co.uk/

    ps: great url name :)

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    Class url! haha……

    Stephens Green in March? Might pop in, although I’m getting one anyway, so don’t need to be convinced. ;)

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    Well, that’s it, my esteemed brethren!

    I’ve finally succumbed and got rid of all my TV-consoles (well, I only had an XBOX left) and am now the proud owner of 2 Ninty DS’s. :p

    Anything you want to know about multiplayer SM64 DS, just ask.
    (Just need SMK64 DS now …whenever they’re ready :( )

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    Mmm… Don’t know about hardcore – I only got it so my wife & I could grab some Mario Kart action whenever it comes out and our baby daughter lets us, as we’re big (big) fans.

    I find that it answers perfectly the problem of my now-highly-segmented-gaming-time. Much better than longer, ponderous (sedentary, really) games on TV-type consoles (XB, PS, GC).

    Visuals have never been an issue with me, but nowadays less so than ever given how little time I can devote to the medium, so losing the magnificence of Halo 2 to the coarseness of SM64 DS is no deal whatsoever so long as there’s good gameplay…

    Still only got the one game for it (SM64DS) since Xmas, still below 30 stars, only now I’ve got both the Jap and US versions – and playing the US version only (so not so hardcore :D ;) ).

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    Much better than longer, ponderous (sedentary, really) games on TV-type consoles (XB, PS, GC).[/quote:c65b1177b6]

    I hear ya, I spent from 7pm to midnight last night playing Rome: Total War…..even though I knew I had to be up early for work I just couldn’t stop playing.

    It wasn’t my fault though, it was the Britons and Spaniards for attacking me. I couldn’t go to bed knowing I hadn’t punished them for defying the Roman Empire, so I razed their cities and crucified their citizens for rebelling against me……only then was I able to sleep soundly.

    Plus the bloody Irish keep rebelling. Now I know how the British felt!
    And I have to hold monthly games and races to keep the mob happy in my major cities. The sooner I gain control of the senate and become Emperor the better…….grrrr……damn plebians….

    [Maybe I should go see a shrink…..]

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    just got my vip ds at the wkend. it definitely exceeded my expectations. had a few non-gamers over, and it’s amazin how easy people pick up playin wario ware with the stylus….altho mario takes a bit of gettin used to i think…

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    Got my DS as well, and its superbly awesome :)
    Mario 64 is excellent, the unlockable sub games make fantastic use of the touch screen, sound and graphics are all in order and the battery life is tops !!

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    the mini games are pretty cool..my favourite is the one where you have to stop the falling bom-bombs destroying the flowers. it gets so hectic near the end.

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