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      Apparently, according to Business Week the #1 company in the world is Nintendo.

      Japanese electronics maker Nintendo (7974.T) claims the No. 1 spot this year. Its sales have risen 36% annually over the past five years, while its value growth averaged 38%. Despite the hard times of the past year, Nintendo’s continued emphasis on innovation has helped the company develop must-haves such as the DS handheld game machine and the Wii console, which outsold rival offerings from Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT). [/quote:1e36e09aba]

      Before the microsoft v sony v nintendo arguments commence, I would like to point out that this is not games companies – but ALL companies, in the entire world.

      Think that gets Nintendo a fair amount of…whats the term? ownage?

      Yup, UrbanDictionary.com gives that term the green light.



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      I remember being in the back of the Demonware Limo in San Fran at GDC chatting to Demonware’s sales guy at the time (a good anecdote is worth burning bridges for!) and he was expressing a lack of confidence in Nintendo – the NDS, it was a Hail Mary pass. He explained this – it’s the last pass of the ball in American football – where out of desperation, someone kicks the ball down field and prays something good will happen. Similarly, the NDS was a sign of Nintendo getting towards the end of their game and hoping for a lucky break. Looks like Nintendo’s prayers were answered.

      One of the truths in many businesses is that not taking risks is riskier! Also Nintendo are very shrewd business people – they develop strong i.p. and then carefully milk it. They’ve also never made a loss on their hardware. EA evil? God no, Nintendo are evil for making me want to buy their highly quality goods time and time again.

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