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    Hey All,

    I have just finished writing a normal mapper and I need a couple of hires models and their low res counterparts with UV’s for testing, does anyone know where I can get some models or if they have any themselves.

    Any help much appreciated, Thanks

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    Here’s a pic of what it is throwing out at the min:

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    Great work man!
    I won’t even begin to ask how you write a normal mapper, but well done!

    Not sure if I have any low-res with high res equivalent models at home. Will take a look this evening for you.

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    Great man, thanks

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    Hi Richie,
    I’ll DEFINITELY sort something out for you over the weekend. Quick question, does your normal mapper support texture-space normal maps (the one here is world-space, right?)

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    Hi Pete,

    Tis mighty, thanks.

    Yeah, it does texture/tangent space as well, just a couple of tweaks to be made, and then it should do both at the same time as well as batching a whole a list of models.

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