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    One study showed that children who played a violent game for less than 10 minutes and then took a mood assessment test rated themselves with aggressive traits and aggressive actions shortly after playing.[/quote:da91607d8a]
    They’ve clearly never heard of frustration before…

    Heres another example, I’ll take a mood assessment before and after taking a bus journey into Dublin city center at 6pm on a weekday and lets see what happens? Guarentee you I’ll be more aggressive afterwards so does that mean I should stop taking the bus?? :roll:

    Anyway for every report that says violent games have a negative impact I could match it with one saying exactly the opposite…

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    aye there’s reports on every topic under the sun nowadays.

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    As I read somewhere recently….

    Take that same kid who showed “aggressive” moods after playing computer games for 10 minutes, and stick him in goals.

    Then call Wayne Rooney and the boys around , and let them bait a few HUNDRED goals past the kid in under 10 minutes, and assess the kids mood after that.

    Jaysus, I’d say if they hooked that “Mood-Measuring” machine up to me, when I’m playing CS and WolfenET online, I’d fecking fry its circuits!

    …those stinking 14-year old GERMAN kids must do nothing but play those maps, little bullet-dodging b*stards!!!

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