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    question i noticed on the site http://www.play.ie that theres a cartoon character called ogie which is a monkey sports commentator which has audio samples ripped from a famous aherlow vs eire og match from about 10 years ago.

    where a local legend in tipperary called eddie moroney recorded the match and provided hilarious commentary. this video is almost as an urban legend\ mythical in that nearly everyone knows someone who has it, who saw it or who can get a copy of it.

    is eddie getting any money out of this ogie character, seeing as the audio is obviously ripped from his video?

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    Aphra K

    that is a question for peter lynch me thinks..


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    Site uses popups windows too. Any reason they cant launch in their parent window?

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    there was a similiar situation with Brown Bag’s “Give Up Your Aul Sins.” Don’t know how that worked out, think some form of settlement…

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    Yes, obviously we have an agreement in place to use the audio. Lots more of Ogie content on the way, besides the more well known clips.


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    Note also those popups dont seem to work in Firefox.

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