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    Oh, and its “ZEE” Brush and not “ZED” Brush, OK?

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    *Drools* it’s software like this and deep paint that make me wanna go back to do some 3D :roll:

    Isn’t Zee the American pronounciation?

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    Well, they’re an American company so they can call it tomayto if they want

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    LOL :lol:. Ay, as long as their product kicks ass!

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    Hey Frenchman,

    A ‘friend’ has deep paint, and z brush. beat ‘him’ at magic, and maybe he might let you use his licensed copy on his workstation…

    verstehe, muchacho? ( zwischen den Zeilen lesen… )

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    LMAO :P I love your German accent, man.
    Well, it’s more the time to use the damn software, I need. But soon… once I start this course *rubs hands together*

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    Que Pasa Hombre?

    Your doing the Games MSc? Really? What about your existing MSc? Are you letting it go gentle into that dark night?

    When do you start? Are you getting funding (I don’t mean you as in ‘you’ I mean you as in the students)? All the places filled? I know someone who is keen to apply.


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    well, technically, if I wanted to finish my MSc I would have to reapply. So really, in my mind there is no difference since I’ll use what I have researched anyway.
    I guess the only sad point is that it will be labelled a “taught” MSc instead of a pure research one. Personally I don’t care, as long as I can get a job as lecturer with the damn thing :)

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