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      This is a wild stab in the dark, but here goes:

      I’m looking for information about holidays to ranches in the good old US of A. But I can’t find any agents who deal with anything like this over here.
      I really want to do one of those week long ranch holidays where you drive cattle, camp out in the wilderness etc
      Preferably Montana or Colorado, ie mountaineous, forest type country rather than pure desert(arizona)

      After a bit of internet googling it’s looking more likely that it would be a case of booking it all seperately, flights, ranch etc…..but I’m a lazy son of a bitch and would rather some sort of travel agency do it all for me.

      So on the off chance that one of the well travelled GD.ie’ers has done this, or knows any information about these holidays…..please, give me all you got!! ;)

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