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    I just wanna ask a question and be honest. I’ve turned 23 last november and I had done my leaving cert. at 22 and I had only done ordinary level subjects and when I got my results, I calculated my score to be 185 points, pretty low. Would any of you think I might stand a chance getting onto a course such as the CGD course in Carlow IT? I had been told that once you become a mature student your leaving cert. results become irrelevant and a placing would be decided at an interview. Someone please tell me ’cause I’d love to get into a game making course of any description.
    Oh and I noticed that you have to learn maths as part of the course, would they be easy to get into as don’t a real great understanding of maths but I would work very hard in that respect.

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    What subjects did you do for your LC? Results in each? If you don’t want to post, you can PM and I recommend different avenues.

    No i’ve no problem with that… I did Maths, French, English, History, Accounting and Business Org.

    Also, I feel that games design would be only career i’d be good at and i am very focused, I so want it y’know. Plus im always getting new and brilliant ideas for games. Oh by the way here are my results…

    e=c3, m=d3, h=b3, f=c3, a=b2, b=b3

    what about the whole ‘mature student’ thing I asked about, can anyone shed any light on that?

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    i just thought of something… is there anything I could do to slightly improve my maths knowledge, one thing is clear though I don’t wanna resit the maths exam doing it at 22 was horrendus enough

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    jediboy was right in the above post that you are going to find it very difficult to find a job in games programming without a very strong mathematical background. As an ex games programmer myself, I would probably take that statement one step further, and say that it would be nigh on impossible to get a job as a games programmer without a very strong mathematical background.

    If your looking for a maths course, you could try the open university. http://www.open.ac.uk/ . They do a certificate in maths which would be a good start. After that you can then go on and take further studies within the area. The courses you’d most likely be looking at would be MU120, MST121 and MS221. You only need to pass two out of the three courses to obtain your certificate. The courses themselves are a little expensive, but the quality of the material that they send you out is first rate, and they have class tutorials. The last I remember, they use to have classes in a school out near Blackrock (provided your from Dublin that is!!). They also have a query centre based in Dublin which you can ring and get information about courses etc. Contact details can be found on the OU website.

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