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    Things have been going really well here at Dare. Please check out the new screenshots and video of our progress:

    ScrapYard ScreenShot 1:

    ScrapYard ScreenShot 2:

    ScrapYard ScreenShot 3:

    Pikkolo Character:

    Robot Character:

    ScrapYard George Animation Video:

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    Looking good guys!

    I’m assuming the lighting is still to be done on the level shots?

    I’m really interested in seeing how those characters look in the levels, you seem to be mixing a kind of cartoony model with a realistic setting, should be good! :D

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    They look cartoon like as they have not yet been textured, they will fit in to the theme of the level when finished, and no the lighting has not been done yet.

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    Looking good. :D

    However you might want to optimise the JPEGS a bit, some of them are quite large files sizes considering the resolution. Just a thought. :)

    Looking forward to further updates!

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    We have a lot more to be concerned about over the next 5 weeks than the size of the screenshots, though thanks anyway :) Ill make the next ones larger one it all starts coming together. Man, I cant work in this heat :x

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    Its not the resolution thats the problem, its the filesize. 500kb for a 800×500(or similar) jpeg is a high, especially for poor 56k users like me! :(

    Considering you could optimise the jpeg quickly in photoshop to a smaller filesize without losing much of the quality. It’s just that some people may not bother waiting for the screenshot to load if it takes ages, and thus you lose out on people seeing your work.

    Best of luck. :)

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    True, we tend to forget about those still in the 56k realm (bless em), ill see what I can do next time around.

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    You also end up eating up your own webhost bandwidth allocation needlessly! ;)

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    It’s ok have unlimited bandwidth anyway but I do understand where youre coming from. :D Anyway back to the game….

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    Some really nice work there – well done! Very much looking forward to the finished product!

    Nice clean site too btw!

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    good stuff good stuff. really like your characters. very unique. hows yous set for your deadline?

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    They look fantastic well done, I’ve been really looking forward to seeing the characters in those levels!

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